Sharukh Malik, Executive Director of Sairung Developers is a known self-motivated entrepreneur. He has been working in the real estate industry since 2012. He has worked in metropolis cities like Pune, Bangalore, Kerala and the Middle East. He has successfully taken his family business legacy to the next level. After his father K. R. Malik, who is also his mentor, today he is recognized as an esteemed young business tycoon in the real estate community. He has conviction and foresight that the cities will grow abundantly in the nearest future and so should his investors. Adhering to it, he cultivated the legacy of Sairung.

Visionary by birth and a knack of foreseeing future possibilities, usage of technology in real estate and sustainable project ideas, he leads himself to a business mindset where he turns every bright idea into a successful business. Being a secret philanthropist, he helps urban youth to learn technology and live green while exploring new ways to create value.