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Sairung Developers REviews
Sairung Developers

Sairung Developers and Promoters, a matchless legacy of 37 years in land development is the property arm of Sairung Group. The organization revolves around core values and some deep-rooted philosophy which is the reason for its enduring reputation and brand value. Popularly known for its more than 50 successful completions of projects and 37 years of real estate experience, Sairung Developers and Promoters is immensely applauded for offerings of safe investment options in real estate with an assurance of very prominent returns.

This RERA certified project is sprawling in multiple locations in Pune and various parts of the country like Trivandrum, Bangalore, Cochin and so on. It has positioned itself very strongly in Hinjewadi Pune and has come up with more than 150 projects. Sairung Hinjewadi projects are known for its farsightedness and deep research in each and every project. Keeping in mind about the upcoming development of Pune city, Sairung, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company enhances the land investment opportunities for its clients.

This iconic company has stated its mission as “To productively catering to every business challenge that comes in the way and create a holistic growth for every person who is associated with the organization”. Founded by K.R. Malik, now the Chairman of Sairung Developers is known for weaving to fulfilling dreams of the people, which the organization considers as the most prized possession. Mr. K.R. Malik, who is a visionary by birth had sensed the demand of this organized real estate market back in 1979. He had always known the business and trade prospects in Pune city and estimated the upcoming demand of real estate way back and planned accordingly.

Mr. K.R. Malik, hailing from an absolute non-business background proves the point that hard work, dream, and vision can take us to any milestone even without having any kind of family background. He began with a very grass root level of research and understanding of the land and various deals around it, while he was only learning and exploring the sector.

Not just a real estate developer, Sairung Developers work towards the sustainable development of the local community. The vision of the company also incorporates the drive towards providing a piece of land and a fortune of opportunities through assorted investment options to everyone including the ones who do not even dare to dream of it.

Mr. K.R Malik had always been a believer of hard work, dedication, and perseverance and acted accordingly which he has passed on to the whole team of Sairung Developers and undoubtedly to his son, Mr. Shahrukh Malik, who is now the Executive Director of Sairung Developers. He brings in a very wide range of learnings and understanding from his experience of working in real estate since 2012 in major cities like Pune, Bangalore, Kerela and Middle East. Shahrukh Malik, a born visionary, had an inclination for the real estate industries since inception. Considering the future trend, he has incorporated technologies in various real estate projects. His futuristic mindset had helped to turn a lot of business ideas into successful execution. Being a secret philanthropist, he helps urban youth to learn technology and adopt healthy ways of living thereby minimizing the carbon footprints.

With the recent innovations and various world-class offerings, SairungHinjewadi projects are one of a kind offering to the clients. Sairung Developers cater to the clientele across the globe creating a mark in various parts of the country. This developer also encourages and embraces the resale of the property. Clients can sell their property back with an attractive price, the amount can be straight away received by the client through onetime payment via demand draft. As an initiative of the company, they educate the masses to invest the hard-earned money or returns from the property sold in new projects and enjoy an attractive return on investments with priority and value-added services. Mr. Anshul Khanna has shared, “The projects with Sairung Developers are extremely trustworthy because of the consistent track record that the developers have maintained and reaped great value for money.

This Vision of the company is to become a business unit worth emulating by providing enough investment options to all classes of society. They are aligned with a strong vision and foresight that has been thought and followed from the initial times. Mr. Shahruk Malik shares that the faith that has been bestowed by the customers is indeed indispensable and the fact that 75% of the clientele has multiple investments in Sairung Hinjewadi is a great morale booster to the whole organization and strives to keep serving better to each and every guest every time.

The leadership team of the Sairung Developers invites investors from across the world to make the most of their wealth.

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