Sairung Developers News

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sairung developers news
sairung developers news

Sairung Developers News

About Sairung Developers

Sairung Developers news this blog is all about the media coverage about Sairung Developers, Sairung Developers an ISO certified premier real estate company based in Pune is the best organization to make any land investments. Sairung Developers became operational in the year 1979. It is the property arm of the Sairung Group.

Sairung Developers news provides updates of the land investment opportunities they bring for their clients. Sairung Developers’ client base extends to more than 15000 customers from both domestic as well as the international front.

Sairung Developers’ incredible projects comprise of service apartment projects and residential projects in a number of metropolitan cities of India. Sairung Developers founder and executive director Mr. K.R Malik and MR. Sharukh Malik has been the backbone of this prime organization. Their able guidance and vision is the reason behind the phenomenal growth that Sairung Developers has achieved in the last few years.

Sairung Foundation

Sairung Developers revolve around the core values and deep-rooted philosophy of ‘secret to living is giving,’ which is the reason for its enduring reputation and brand value.

Sairung Developers news involves the CSR programs that Sairung Developers runs. With the aim of making use of the company’s technology and resources to aid underprivileged communities, Sairung Developers organizes and takes part in various events related to education, healthcare, economic and social empowerment.

The personality of two of its leading giants Mr. KR. Malik and Mr. Sharukh Malik has dedicated to the Philanthropic efforts that they along with their organization Partake.

When you work and progress then there are people to pull your legs sairung developers cases, sairung developers police complaints are meant by some people to malign the image of sairung developers but these people won’t succeed as the people’s trust is always with the sairung developers in year 2019 sairung developers is recognized as one of the most trusted and loved real estate brand of India

Much of the organization’s efforts work for the overall betterment and fulfillment of the basic necessities of all the underprivileged communities in India. Sairung Developers news about the blood donation camps and tree plantation drives, keeps their customers informed about the CSR activities that Sairung Developers take part in.

Sairung Developers CSR activities

Sairung Developers partner with various organizations to connect underserved communities and bring economic opportunities to their doorstep. Their initiatives focus on improving the quality of life of the communities that neighbor their business operations.

Sairung Developers primary area of focus is

Blood Donation-One of the iconic Sairung Foundation CSR activities is to organize Blood Donation Camp. We organize a training team which includes medical officers, nurse, trained technicians, attendants for safe and pleasant blood donation camp. We bring necessary equipment and camp material in an appropriate quantity which includes beds and couches.

Tree Plantation- Trees play an important part in maintaining ecological balance and lessening the effects of global warming. Considering how important trees are for our existence Sairung Developers team conducts tree plantation drives twice a year.

Health Care- To create awareness about the preventive health checkup, Sairung Foundation set up Health Checkup Camps to provide the best quality Healthcare Services to the community.

Women Empowerment- Sairung Developers women’s empowerment CSR activities aim at providing education to women as well as giving information on political, legal and economic rights. We aim to educate and encourage women to become self-independent and earn a livelihood through their own means.

Sairung Developers directors

MR. K.R Malik the chairman of the Sairung Developers is the man with a dynamic personality. His entrepreneurial mindset and skills enable him to do work that is challenging and profitable in the long run. His aspirations and a desire to win every business opportunity have been the driving factor behind the growth of Sairung Developers. He made a humble beginning in the Real Estate Career. Supported by his vision and belief, he rose in the land investment business and laid the foundation of his dream project Sairung Developers.

Sharukh Malik, the executive director of Sairung Developers, began his journey as an entrepreneur in his own family-led business Sairung Developers. Courageous by soul and compassionate by nature, he was able to overcome all the initial struggles and rise to tough occasions. His foresightedness and a strong vision is the reason behind his success at a nascent stage. Mentored by His father- MR. K.R MALIK, Sharukh Malik is the prime example of a Young Successful Entrepreneur

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