Sairung developers in news

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Sairung Developers in news
sairung developers in news

Sairung Developers In News

Sairung Developers in news shows the media coverage aboout sairung developers, its directors and founders Mr. K.R. Malik, Mr. Sharukh Malik and their CSR activities in media. Sairung Developers, the property arm of Sairung Group is the best land investment company in Pune. Founded in 1979, the company has grown under the leadership of Mr. KR Malik. Sairung strong base lies in developing apartment and residential projects in a number of metropolitan cities of India. The company offers the prospect of making profitable land investments in several acclaimed residential and commercial projects.

Sairung Developers in news features the contribution of its director Mr. KR Malik and Mr. Sharukh Malik in the growth of the organization. Mr. K.R Malik the founder of Sairung Developers is a person who loves turning dreams into reality. His vision and foresightedness of the future possibilities enabled him to make his career in Real Estate. He started off with ground-level research which enabled him to acknowledge and execute a proper procedure in land deals. His vision turned into reality in 1979, when he laid the foundation of Sairang.

Sairung Developers’ in news highlighted their vision. It says “Sairung Vision is to become a business unit worth believing. We provide enough investment options to all classes of society. We are aligned with a strong vision and foresight that has been thought & followed since the initial times. We are proud of providing a piece of land and a fortune of opportunities through our assorted investment options to everyone. We intend to offer these opportunities to each part of the society, even the ones who have never dreamt of it”.

We often hear Sairung Developers in news regarding the notable work they do by their Sairung Foundation. Sairung Developers, Corporate Social Responsibility programs make use of the company’s technology and resources to aid underprivileged communities with education, healthcare, economic and social empowerment. The company partners with various organizations to connect underserved communities to economic opportunities. Its initiatives are focused on improving the quality of life of communities that are neighboring the business operations.

Sairung Developers  primary area of Focus is 

Blood Donation-One of the iconic Sairung Foundation CSR activities is to organize Blood Donation Camp. We organize training teams which include medical officers, nurses, trained technicians, attendants for safe and pleasant blood donation camps. We bring necessary equipment and camp material in an appropriate quantity which includes beds and couches.

Tree Plantation– Trees play an important part in maintaining ecological balance and lessening the effects of global warming. Considering how important trees are for our existence Sairung Developers team conducts tree plantation drives twice a year.

Health Care- To create awareness about the preventive health checkup, Sairang Foundation set up Health Checkup Camps to provide the best quality Healthcare Services to the community.

Women Empowerment- Sairung Developers women’s empowerment CSR activities are aimed at providing education to women as well as giving information on political, legal, and economic rights. We aim to educate and encourage women to become self-independent and earn a livelihood through their own means. 

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