Sairung Developer Employees Review

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sairung developers employees review
sairung developers employees review

Sairung Developers employees review

Sairung developers employees review is the feedback about the working culture and journey of career growth with the sairung developers, sairung developers always consider their employees as a part of their family. Sairung Developers is a premier land investment company established in 1979. Based in Pune, Sairung Developers is a trusted brand of more than 15000 people and throughout its journey, it has constructed several apartment projects and residential projects in a number of metropolitan cities of India. Sairung Developers’ massive success is credited to its directors Mr. K.R Malik and Mr. Sharukh Malik, who have worked day and night to make this organization the best land investment company in Pune.

Sairung Developers is home to a team of professional and generous souls who work as a family and contribute to the rise of the organization. Sairung’s director Mr. KR Malik is often cited saying “We are nothing without our employees, without our family”.  Many employees have given their Sairung Developers Reviews and shared their experiences of working in the organization. Here are some of the Sairung Developers Employees Review to take a look at the company’s work culture.

  1. Kartik Jamadar- I started working with Sairung Developers 10 years back. At that time, I wasn’t very confident of how long I work here, but now I can proudly say I have been part of the family for 10 years and will continue to do so. There is fun working here in Sairung Developers. The training sessions and workshops help us learn new things and there are a lot of recreational and adventure activities happening throughout the calendar to keep us motivated.
  • Poornima Pingale– When I was asked to give my Sairung Developers Employee review, I believed that this was my chance to pay back the organization that has given me everything. When I started here I wasn’t very financially strong. I was struggling in my life. But, after joining Sairung it feels everything is sorted. Each year, there are prospects of growth available and the team here is like a family. It never seems I am at work, it all feels we are part of the family and doing our bit as a family member.
  • Utkarsh Bhave- I have been working here in the Sairung Developers for 6 years now. The company has an open and transparent culture and it gives you the platform where you can succeed. Mr. Sharukh Malik our executive director is a young and dynamic person who always gives guidance to its employees and shapes them professionally. My Sairung Developers employees review are positive and I will continue to work in Sairung Developers for too long.
  • Ekta Anand– I consider Sairung Developers as my second family and everyone from the management down treats them like family, with a personalized and warm approach. People at Sairung Developers work together, support each other and watch out for each other. They have always provided rapid response to issues and their services have always been of very high quality.
  • Dhaval Patwardhan- While giving out my Sairung Developers employees review, I must emphasize that Sairung Developers is not that organization that will give you massive targets and force you to achieve them. It is a fairly easy and cool working environment where you enjoy working. Targets are the basic one and there are high incentives after the completion of each target.
  • Aakhya Nair– I love working here in Sairung Developers. It is a type of organization that will reward you for your good work and will give you appreciation and constructive feedback. My journey here has been superb and the guidance of management has played a huge role in my rise. I will always cherish this excellent opportunity to be part of Sairung Developers.
  • Dhruv sonar- As compared to the two companies that I have worked before, Sairung Developers is by far the best. I feel very proud to say that I am its part. Sairung Developers is well known in the local community. It has given me a chance to showcase my skills and nourish them as per the needs. I will always give positive Sairung Developers employees review as there is nothing that is negative about the company.  
  • Archana Patil – When I started working here, I was quite nervous. It was my first job and like all, I was very scared of losing it. But, as I started working here I felt calm and secured. I believe there is nothing that will stop me here to show my creative instincts. I felt secure in my job. Now, it’s been 5 years and I am still working in Sairung Developers. It’s been a journey worth remembering.
  • Kshitij Kumar – To give out the Sairung Developers reviews, there are many things that I must emphasize.At Sairung Developers, you have the flexibility to work. There is outstanding comradeship within the employees and the management is always there to support you in any case. I love working here and believe that many employees do feel the same. 
  1. Madhav Mane – For me, the best and fun thing about working in Sairung Developers are the recreational activities. I am an adventurous person and I love having outdoor tours. Sharukh Malik Sir organizes tours for all the employees and organizes recreational activities and workshops to keep us motivated. I simply love Sairung Developers and its culture.
  1. Namrata Joshi – I am enjoying my career journey with Sairung Developers. During all my years I have worked more progressively and with better productivity. KR Malik sir leads by example. The company offers enormous and rewarding opportunities. My Sairung Developers employees review are very well positive and will be for long.
  1. Prabhakar Gadkari- The visionary leadership, efficient & enthusiastic talent pool and friendly work environment are the strengths of Sairung Developers. It is not surprising that the company has demonstrated such amazing growth crossing remarkable milestones for an organization of its kind.
  1. Pranav gunjal- Here at Sairung Developers, we enjoy every moment of working together. My coworkers are like family to me. There is fun, there is growth and there are massive incentives and rewards available at Sairung Developers. I am and will always enjoy my time here.
  1. Richa shah- While giving my Sairung Developers Employees Reviews, I must mention the organization’s support and concern about the employees from a different state. I hail from U.P and like me there are few who are outsiders. To find an employer like Sairung is a blessing for us. Sairung management has provided enormous support to us. Even in tough times and situations, we are just a call away to get any help. It gives us security and passion to work for an employer like Sairung Developer. 
  1. Samir Shaikh- Teamwork is an essential part of Sairung Developers. We work together to meet deadlines and deliver work to the highest standard. The company has expanded since I started and there are many opportunities arising within the Sairung team. It definitely offers a challenging and rewarding working environment where success is recognized amongst all employees.
  1. Sonal kant- Working withour ethics and principles is what we are taught at Sairung Developers. The team is fully professional and disciplined to solve any sort of crisis. Each one of us works as a family, contributing to the organization’s growth. I love working at Sairung Developers and this is my Sairung Developers employees reviews.
  1. Yash Patil In my local community, Sairung Developers is a name of trust and professionalism. I feel very proud to say that I am an employee of Sairung Developers. Our management is one of the finest management. They provide us support, guidance and a platform where we can work independently and out of any pressure. It’s my privilege working here in Sairung Developers.
  1. Vaishnavi Kumari –One of the best things I would say while giving out my Sairung Developers employees reviews is the work culture. There is an informal work environment and a direct way of approaching one another. This atmosphere keeps all employees closely involved in the company and motivates us to do our level best to stimulate the growth and continuity of Sairung Developers.
  1. Tanvi Dhake – I consider Sairung Developers and Promoters as my second family.  People at Sairung Developers work together, support each other and watch out for each other. They have always provided rapid response to issues and their services have always been of very high quality. I am very proud of being part of the Sairung Family and giving out my Sairung Developers Reviews.
  • Ashwin Kale- My journey in Sairung Developers has been superb. The company’s MD and Directors groomed me and made me the man I am today. I will always be thankful for the support and training they have provided me. At Sairung we are offered high incentives on the completion of basic targets and this is what I think is the best motivation for all the employees working here. This is my Sairung Developers employees reviews.

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